Unable to register the agent: Invalid username/password in vROPS 6.x and 7.x

Recently a customer of mine experienced a problem registering Windows servers into their vROPS environment with the End Point Operations Adapter. They had initially registered a large number of VMs a couple of years ago with no issue. Recently they needed to add many more and thought the process was going fine as the agent appeared to install fine and start the services on the Windows VM.

However, the new VMs did not appear in the vROPS console. After doing some digging in the log files, we found the agents were reporting the following error during installation:

“unable to register the agent: Invalid username/password”

We checked the username on a working machine by looking at “C:\ep-ops\conf\agent.properties” we compared it to the vROPS console. They had both a local and domain account with the same name configured on the vROPS system.

What we discovered is the agent was trying to register by leveraging a domain username versus a local user account on the vROPS server. vROPS currently (6.x and 7.0) does not support using domain accounts for agent registration. You can find a knowledgebase article here:


Hopefully, this will help if you experience this issue.